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IT Band Syndrome Stretches & Exercises

IT Band Syndrome Stretches & Exercises

With IT Band Syndrome, many prefer to debate whether it is actually the IT band that'therefore the origin or if it is your tensor fasciae latae (TFL). The TFL is actually the muscle belly of the IT group, so exercising and stretching should help another.

There are a number of ways to extend the IT band/TFL. It is possible to stretch down it having a strap, standing up, and also some different ways.

It is also best to stretch your hamstrings and your quad muscles as they’re closely associated with the IT group, and frequently are bloated and tight also.

Exercises such as clamshells and hip abduction at sidelying and status do a fantastic job of strengthening the gluteus medius in addition to the TFL and fashionable place. You always have the option to use a resistive ring or dumbbells to make the exercises harder.

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IT Band Syndrome Stretches & Exercises

IT Band Stretches & Exercises

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